My name is Satu Kaunisto and I am 18 yers old girl from Finland. I am studying to a riding instructor. I have my last internship of my studies on this autumn.

Who am I? I am very positive person and I am always ready to learn more. I love this job even I if don't have time for anything else, I love horses and it is very important to me to take care of them. My family owns a small riding school in Finland since 1988. My grandma and grandpa builded and started it and from 2004 it has been owned by my mom. This is why I have been with horses all my life. I have been cleaning stalls and taking care of horses as long as I remember.

I have been leading childrens horse club for two years and now I sometimes teach small riding groups. I went to my first riding competition when I was six years old with a small pony and nowadays I ride two of my mom horses and often I go small competitions with them. But even I have spend my all life with horses, I know I still have really much stuff to learn.


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